Privacy policy

Prohibition of use of personal information for purposes other than those stated

Users are not asked to provide their address, name or other personal information to Anaeropharma Science, Inc. for using this Website. In certain circumstances however, Anaeropharma Science, Inc. may request users for personal information. In such cases, collected personal information is managed securely. Anaeropharma Science, Inc. uses it only for specific purposes for users and purposes having been approved by them, and will never use it for purposes other than those.

Prohibition of providing/disclosing personal information to third parties

Anaeropharma Science, Inc. does not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without obtaining the agreement of users. However, it may disclose personal information to third parties when that disclosure of personal information is demanded by public organizations such as a court, law enforcement authorities, or other such organizations, when protecting the rights, credence and assets of Anaeropharma Science, Inc., or when other valid reasons are applicable.