Anaeropharma strives for creating innovative therapies for solid cancer and other hypoxic lesions related diseases like ischemia based on our core platform technology, i-DPS. We have established several development programs including APS001F applied for solid cancer under phase I/II clinical trial, anticancer drugs in the area of immuno-oncology and an anti-ischemic drug under preclinical development stage. We will keep creating value of our platform technology by proceeding with these preclinical and clinical programs based on i-DPS technology.

 i-DPS Project Indication/
Therapeutic Area
Research /
Preclinical     Clinical
APS001F Solid Tumor program_row1
Anti-CTLA4 scFv Immuno-Oncology program_row2
Anti-PD-1 & anti-CTLA4 scFvs Immuno-Oncology program_row3
FGF2 Ischemia program_row4