Anti-PD-1 & anti-CTLA4 scFvs producing B. longum

Development of immune checkpoint blockers has achieved impressive outcomes in cancer immuno-therapy. Many approaches such as combination therapy are being developed to address severe toxicity problems and improve response rate of patients. Clinical trial results for combination therapy of anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA4 antibodies showed more notable efficacy and attenuated adverse events. Nevertheless, the drawbacks of conventional antibody drugs still keep immuno-oncology from its full potential reach.

i-DPS platform technology is achievable as “Regional Combination Therapy” to produce two or more active molecules simultaneously and selectively at hypoxic regions of tumor. We have been developing dual immune checkpoint blockers i-DPS, anti-PD-1 scFv and anti-CTLA4 scFv producing recombinant B. longum with synergic anti-tumor effects. Nonclinical studies implied the anti-tumor activity of anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA4 scFvs producing B. longum. Specific delivery to hypoxic tumor and the feasibility of manufacturing ensure that dual scFvs, anti-PD-1 scFv and anti-CTLA4 scFv producing i-DPS may contribute to addressing immune related adverse event problems and provide a better cost-performance compared to current antibody drugs.