Anti-CTLA4 scFv producing B. longum

Success of immune checkpoint antibody drugs (anti-PD-1/CTLA4 antibodies) has given broad perspectives in cancer immunotherapy. However, limited portion of patients responds to anti-immune checkpoint antibody drugs and severe adverse event problems still need special attention. Moreover, high cost in antibody drug manufacture results in high economic burden for patients.

Combined with our i-DPS technology, we are developing more effective and safer immune checkpoint blockers, more specifically, anti-CTLA4 antibody scFv production system of B. longum, which could be specifically delivered to and amplified only at hypoxic sites of solid cancers. Colonization and continuous amplification of anti-CTLA4 scFv producing B. longum in hypoxic sites of solid tumor constantly secrete anti-CTLA4 scFv to stimulate immune system, fighting tumor cells inside of hypoxic tumor without nonspecifically attacking normal tissues.

Our approach reveals an insightful view for developing next new generation antibody drugs of cancer immunotherapy, not only to minimize side effects and enhance efficacy, but also to decrease the manufacture cost, which will result in low drug prices to bring about a huge impact on medical economics in the future.